Note: If you buy this product as a bundle with Bird Nest Phantom it would be cheaper. Tanna Banna is a 25 x 25 cm Velcro Patch made from 3.8cm Elastic and polyathelene back. Very Durable and High Quality stack your things either vertically or horizontally, comes with a free 1cm thick pad protector. This product is currently and only compatibile with Bird Nest Phantom. 

Tana Bana Velcro Patch

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  • Pre order guys get a free tech pouch. Shipping Begins on 19 September, 2019, In the package you will only get bundle that you select and if you are following us on Instagram you get a sling pouch too. If you are following us inform us in the notes. Shipping company can deliver next business day or it can take 3 Business days maximum to deliver. 

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