There are 2 sizes in This Summit Backpack is 40 Liters on this page other one is 60 Liters.


Bag is made of 100% nylon inside and outside with rope adjustments all around and this is very durable backpack to survive and counter the tough weather and tracks. There is luggage access from top and bottom, backpack is applied with Branded zippers and is completely waterproof. This 40 Liter backpack is designed perfectly to give comfort to your back while traveling. Inside the bag you find one elastic pocket to store your water hydration pack (not sold by us) which pipe can easily come though top hole and user can drink water while hiking or treking. Also inside the bag there is a wall which separates top and bottom user essantials by 30 to 70 split, and when not in use you can simply un-button the wall and easily consume 100 percent space without splitting.

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