Dimension (cm): 45Height x 33Width x 22Depth & when expanded then 30Depth 


  1. Separate portion for cloths
  2. Can add 6 Pieces of Shirts and 5 pieces of Denim Pants at a time

  3. Secret Pocket in Front Mesh Portion
  4. Front Mesh Portion to Store Wet Cloths / Food
  5. Headphone Holder in Front Mesh Port
  6. Separate Passport Pocket at backside
  7. Pre-Installed Rain Cover in Bottom
  8. Quick Access Waterproof pockets on both sides
  9. Tricon System on Front


Finally, all in one Travel & Laptop Bag, made after countless questions of people for such bag. Made with 100% Ripstop Polyester and Dark navy Color. Backpack has 3 separate portions to carry user essentials, along with some unique travel accessible features. At backside of bag, you get a trolley Handel support which makes travel more comfortable, along with 2 quick access water resistant pockets on each side. Bag comes with a rain cover with a dedicated pocket underneath bag, the interior is lined with cyan color which enhances visibility in dark. Alpinebear Hyplock is added on zippers of 2 main portions, which is made with military grade Hyaplon material and keeps your zippers tightly close. Fits 17"Laptop and 13" tablet separately, along with 2 velcro pocket patches are also provided with this bag. You get a 2 Secret pockets in python, one is located behind shoulder strap airvents and other one behind the front mesh portion. Almost 9 inch tall  Weather Resistant zipper pockets are installed on both sides which can hold upto A6500 size slr cameras. With all these massive features bag only weighs 1200 grams, which makes it perfect for travel & everday use.

Bird Nest Python Bag

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