Made of 100% Polyester Fabric, this pouch is padded from front and back. Sticker Printed Front & Back, which also makes it water resistant too, You can insert variety of gadgets or essentials in this super compact size. Pouch is meant to store daily use gadgets and tech in one specific place to avoid making mess. The dimensions or size of this pouch in inches is 8X6X1.5 and has flat shape in bottom with rounded corners on Top. Check more Details in Product Info.

Tech Pouch Pro Printed | Free Ship

₨2,000.00 Regular Price
₨1,800.00Sale Price
  • Alpinebear Pakistan took permission from each youtuber, before making this Printed edition tech pouch. In this specific design no youtuber is paid whereas they are doing just for public and their fans in collaboration with us. Designer Profile Name: tak.oninsta (Taha) created each character which you can also find on his instagram. Our price haven't also been changed from before for this printed model.

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