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Blacklight is a very durable backpack from Alpinebear®, it can expand up to 30cm in depth & store bunch of user essentials like cloths, first aid, and also many other everyday use essentials. For travel or 3-day hike blacklight is the best backpack to buy, non-like others this backpack don’t get overweight because its own weight is just 2.2lbs (1.1 KG) also on the backpack’s front there is a small compartment to store some notes and writeable stuff. Blacklight backpack is constructed with 2 major components, Nylon 600D Fabric and SBS® zippers and this backpack is capable of lifting up to 88 lbs (40kg) weight. To carry laptop we suggest that please buy bundle of 3 things, we have a separate offer which can provide more security to your fragile gear, including a laptop sleeve and a rain cover for your travel in a best offer available.

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  • In the package you will only get Alpinebear Bird Nest Lite Backpack and shipping company can deliver next business day or it can take 3 Business days maximum to deliver.