These all dividers are universal, which mean they can be switched between these bags as following, Pixel 2.0, Pixel Pro 2.0 and Pixel Enterprises or in other words our 2020 designs and onwards. More functionality with precision and neatness after hundreds of feedbacks things now made are super helpful. You can buy from this page extra dividers for your Pixel 2nd Gen Bags to enhance your usability or fulfil your need.


A YouTube video on our channel is also available which is made on these dividers.

Details of dividers are as below:


  1. 3 Base Dividers, these are the main structure’s backbone, which also hold base with Velcro and avoid slipping small items into other portions.
  2. Pocket Divider: Now insert, SD Cards, flash caps, screws and all small-scale items inside a pocket of this divider.
  3. Standard A Divider: To insert items like lenses at rounded corners this self-stitched divider forms a shape that occupies blank space inside bag for camera gear.
  4. Standard Divider: A simple padded divider, to fit between camera gear.


We do not reccomond users to install these dividers / partations in other market bags or non-compatible bags other than said.

Pixel Dividers Only

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