This is an awesome Board Game 18 x 18-inch size. Now also shipping international check below section.


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Bearopoly is a physical and live board game where you buy and sell properties and this awesome game is based on wonderful & famous places of Pakistan. You get very helpful and feature full accessories with this game, which are Cash Tray to set bank’s cash, user wallets to insert money which keep money stable while playing even if you are running electric fan. You get card’s tray which reduces time to search properties when someone buys, and calculator is optional which reduces time when you drop on 17% sale tax in game.


Bearopoly Game

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  • If you are living outside Pakistan you can be delivered this amazing board game bearopoly, you have to check your prices below, and place order at Prices are in Pakistani Rupees and they include price of Bearopoly in them. We use FedEx Prority service for shipping which take 5 to 6 days to deliver from Pakistan to below Destinations. International Orders are processed after 24hours.

    Country Price of 1pcs Price of 2pcs
    Saudia Arabia 6800 8500
    Oman 6800 8500
    Qatar 6800 8500
    Bahrin 6800 8500
    Kuwait 6800 8500
    UAE 6600 7900
    USA 8100 9650
    Canada 8100 9650
    United Kingdom 7250 8600
    Greece 9100 10700
    Norway 9100 10700
    Sweden 9100 10700
    Australia 9100 10700
    Germany 9400 10800
    France 7400 8800
    Spain 7400 8800
    Belgium 7400 8800
    Holland 7400 8800
    Austria 7400 8800
    Denmark 7400 8800
    Italy 7400 8800
    Switzerland 7400 8800
    Russia 10600 12600
    China 7800 9350

    International orders are not send on cash on delivery but we ask you payment in advance, if your country is not listed above, we might not ship there and we don't ship more than 2 pieces. Bank Details are Mezaan Bank Acc 06050103985681 Title: Alpinebear Pakistan. If you like to pay via paypal please ask(03036997777) before paying us and paypal address is 

    If you want to order Send you Full Name, Address, Zip/Post Code, Country & Cell Number to

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