Which is our Current Giveaway contest going on look below


Enter into our new Contest 1.1 Where we are giving away 3 products.

On Tuesday June 16th 2020, We are going to choose 3 winners for 1 product each. Previously won contesters can also participate

First Position Warkadang Bag Bird Nest Python 

Second Position Bird Nest Python Bag

Third Position Bird Nest Unike

Bonus: If your video catches 1000 views on YouTube in 5 days, Your gift is doubled, or on 5000 views you can get 1 item free of cost from our entire store of your choice. (only 1 bonus option can be taken by each user)

If you don't have our pouches, this contest is not for you there will be a separate contest where you can participate in future.

So How you can participate it is very simple, follow the instructions below:

1) Make a Video on any Alpinebear pouch and not backpack, explaining the purpose why you buy it and insert on camera what you carry everyday.

2) Video must have good sound volume a normal person can easily hear.


3) Video must be horizontal and not in vertical frame, so people can easily watch with flat screen.

4) If you don't have any YouTube channel doesn't matter make a new one we only check your creative level and not Subscribe count.

5) Doesn't Matter if you don't have DSLR Camera or video camera, use a simple cell phone and don't shake hands keep them stable for good quality video

6) On Monday June 15th 2020 at 3pm all contesters can submit their youtube video link on sales@alpinebear.com along with their instagram profile name too, after that time no contesters will be invited. Do take your time and don't hurry up, this give you enough time to make a good content and build up your skills


7) Winners shall be selected randomly, and only thing matters is how good you have made a Video, even a non-professional video editing software can give an awesome result as seen in past from some Alpinebear customers too.


8) For better quality video there is a suggestion make a video in natural sunlight in a garden or in a park where you don't worry for artificial lights. (suggession) don't make indoor videos and don't also make longer videos than 5 minutes.