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  •  Does Alpinebear Pakistan Provide Express Shipping?
    Yes you can opt our express service if your order isn't dispatched yet, it cost extra and you need to contact our whatsapp sales team 03036997777 in order to get it shipped express.

  • What is the normal delivery time?

    Normal Delivery time is 2 to 4 working days after we confirm your order by call.

  • When does the confirmation call arrive?

    Right when you place order on website it arrive between 9am to 4pm in work days Monday to Saturday.

  • If we use the product and then plan to get refund or exchange would it be possible?

    A used product is not subject to change but if you just open to test or wear it is not an issue you can read more on this link

  • Can we first check the package and then pay to delivery guy?

    Normally courier companies don't allow which is not our policy but it's general policy all over Pakistan

  • What is the return money-back or exchange policy?

    You can send our product back to our factory within 7 Days then we can apply refund and read more at this link

  • What is the product warranty and it's time?

    Normally all products are covered by 12 months warranty but read more at this link

  • Can Alpinebear repair bags of other brands if we have one?

    We never repair other brands bags

  • Does Alpinebear have any physical outlet?

    No we are only online but are planning to open first shop in Lahore very soon

  • Can we visit your factory to purchase directly?

    Yes you are most welcome but only between 2:00pm to 3:30pm

  • Can we get our private logo or brand on Alpinebear Products?

    You have to order above 25pcs or 75,000rs total order amount.

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